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    You might know me from managing a certain 'pro shop' in Saskatoon. Where I helped grow the business and in turn became recognized city wide as well as provincially for my clean and detailed work. There's no doubt I busted my hump to become the best. That included many long days without breaks sharpening non stop. But that now translates to a professional touch, and there isn't much I haven't seen when it comes to skates. I have an extremely good eye and picky workmanship. Combine that with my professional grade machine (the same as most Pro trainers use), there isn't a gimmicky garage sale type sharpener that can beat a good hand sharpen. Kids to the Pros, they all get the same treatment. We want you to Play Elite.

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    Servicing Martensville, Warman, Dalmeny, and area. I do work days but will gladly attend to your Skate Sharpening needs in the evenings. Please inquire about availability times.

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    As this isn't a full time gig, it's taking a bit of time to build up. Slowly we will get there though. Right now we handle skate sharpening. But in the near future we would like to add skate repairs (rivets,etc) and more. who knows what else ;) 

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    Martensville, Saskatchewan, Canada

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    Please know that your blades have been sharpened & inspected with the utmost precision.

    There are causes out of our control that may lead to a loss of an edge. Be aware of what the steel comes in contact with. Ideally we would love to see 5-6 ice times out of a sharpen, but it is entirely possible to not get one, as scary as that sounds. Have confidence that it's not the sharpen itself, as sharpening's aren't on a timer, they only last as long as their environment allows. Thats means the floor, the bench area, the dressing room, boards/posts, contacting equipment, or even sub-par ice, and more can all be factors.